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I am often asked by people , since when I became interested in natural cosmetics? In fact, when I think about it …it always has been that way !!!  Nature has always been close to me.  Although I was brought up in blocks of flats, in a flat on the fourth floor in the city, my heart always trembled as the birds sang outside the window in the morning. My parents grew up in the countryside close to nature and away from the city crowd. So despite the fact that we lived in the city at that time we spent all our free time together in the bosom of nature picking mushrooms, berries, fishing, listening to the sounds of nature.  My dad told us various stories about animals, plants, trees, water, wind, clouds and about everything that surrounds us, our beautiful Earth. My mum always made sure that we had something delicious, natural and home-made to treat ourselves during the trip. Day after day I felt more connected with nature. Therefore, taking care of the body in a natural way without artificial products, the chemicals have become obvious, uncomplicated and completely natural to me.  All my life I created face and body skin products using only simple and natural ingredients that I used for myself and my loved ones. I started to practice yoga to understand how to connect with nature even more. I’ve never used chemicals to clean the house. Nature has always been important to me and my family.  We care about it every day. One day I had a thought , why not to give people the goodness of nature to enjoy it every day. The gifts of our wonderful Earth.

So after graduating from the school of natural cosmetics combined with many years of experience, my own natural cosmetics brand was created:

Evalin close to nature – All natural skincare

Inspired by the desire to help others in the most natural way in maintaining health, beauty and good physical condition I graduated from the School of massage with the skills of a massage therapist, certified and authorized for practice in

Classical massage part 1 and 2 with therapeutic, relaxation and office massage

Anti- age massage include foot reflexology, pregnancy massage, hot stone massage and Chinese cupping, lymphatic drainage and beauty massage

Oriental massage

Include lomi lomi and chocolate, traditional Thai and shiatsu massage.

My motto is to live in harmony with nature and take care of our planet as much as I can.


With love Alina


what people say about us

Awesome... I heavily agree and if it wasn’t for Evalin products my body would not feel as great as it feels today... thank you some much

Daniel Liszewski

 I highly recommend Evalin treatments. You gotta try , choose from a selection to suit you. I use the roller massage and really feel the difference.The moisturiser too its fabulous, no chemicals I love it.

Teresa Kelly

Absolutely love using Evalin! I have tried different kind of massages and I cannot recommend this studio enough. I love that I can book treatments few hour in advance which is great for last minute people like myself! Alina is knowledgeable and always so professional!

Ela Błażewicz